Part-Time Jobs Ideal for Retirees

by Andrea Norris-McKnight

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If you want more than a hobby to keep busy in retirement, why not work some? We explore part-time jobs that are ideal for retirees, even those who frequently travel.

If you’re retired, you’ve likely got more time on your hands. You may have been thinking about a hobby or catching up on your reading.

But what about taking on a part-time job?

We reached out to Robert Fowler, of Retirement Media, to give us some insight into part-time job ideas for retirees. Here are some of his thoughts:

Q. What are the best and most reliable places for retirees to look for flexible jobs?

Robert: There are many websites that cater to part-time jobs. For example, has summer jobs and seasonal jobs in great places.

I have seen a lot of people volunteer for a job at, say, a hospital, a senior center, or other places and end up taking a part-time job there. Volunteering is also a great way to find a part-time job.

Q. What type of jobs would be a good fit for a traveling retiree?

Robert: Jobs to do with travel, like a travel blogger, a tour guide, or a travel agent. Seasonal jobs at national parks, campgrounds, and tourist attractions seem like the perfect job for a retiree.

For other part-time jobs, just coordinating with your boss upfront so they know what to expect is helpful.

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Q. What are some things a traveling retiree might want to consider when thinking of taking on part-time work?

Robert: If you can do the work on the Internet, then you can do it from anywhere. That may be the most important factor for some jobs. Also being self-employed means you are in charge of your schedule. That would be a plus, and you may mix business and pleasure.

Q. Are there any limitations to flexible work at home job arrangements?

Robert: Yes, you would need to be disciplined enough to work on your own. Having a passion for what you will be doing would be a great help. Do something fun, maybe something different from what you were doing in your former career.

Q. Are there jobs other than work-from-home arrangements that might be a good fit for a traveling retiree?

Robert: Yes, there are all kinds! These are some of the jobs of my real-life friends. It will give you an idea of how many possibilities there are:

  • Larry has a part-time job at the golf course.
  • Ron has an internet business.
  • Arnie is managing his rental homes.
  • Jim is driving a school bus. They provide benefits also.
  • Joe is making dog treats at his home and selling them on the internet.
  • David does home repairs and buys and sells things.
  • Marie is a doll collector and dealer. She attends doll shows around the country.
  • Marilyn runs the front desk at our senior center.
  • David and Veronica travel and blog about their experiences.

Robert has some great insight on interesting and unique job ideas for retirees who want to supplement their income. Hopefully, these ideas help you if you are considering your own part-time retirement gig.

Reviewed March 2023

About the Author

Robert and Mary Ann Fowler live in the Atlanta, GA area and operate Retirement Media Inc., which has eight websites providing Boomers and Seniors information about retirement communities, retirement, lifestyle, health, and travel. Robert and Mary Ann are leading edge boomers living the retirement lifestyle and sharing with others. They are moving into a home in an Active Adult Community, like to travel, play bocce, and socialize with friends. Robert is on the Activity Committee of the Park Place Active Adult Center and Mary Ann volunteers at Emory Johns Creek Hospital.

Some of their sites include and

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